Thursday, 7 April 2011

::10 reasons to make a way to Kota Kinabalu::

Bismillah….the entry I’m gonna reporting today..

I went to Kota Kinabalu almost 3 months ago..alhamdulillah I’ve managed to be there instead of worries that I might missed quizzes during skipping class..fuhh,I guess I was very lucky then..because my dad had book tickets for us before beginning of this semester..well, biasalah kami bukan org kaya blh beli 5 tiket advance straight away and fees for KK quite expensive even for economy class compared to kuching. Actually, we went there with trip from kmb cooperative members and together with my dad’s colleagues plus their family. Really2 happy this time bcoz my sis had joined this trip too. She didn’t joined our trip to Kuching last year as she went to mrsm n had to struggle for spm. Alhamdulillah she passed with flying colours n now waiting for scholarship interviews.

The flight from LCCT to KK was delayed for half an hour. That was the most annoying thing about Airasia (I hate waiting). The journey was okay but when we crossed border from Sarawak to sabah, err..
seram sejuk sikit sbb flight asyik goyang and turun naik…and green sign was on utk pakai seatbelt in case of emergency..masa blk pun sama.kalau seat kat blakang lg parah..lg terasa effect flight goyang,nasib baik dpt seat tgh..bila dh sampai..ohh baru tau ade 2 airport rupanya kt KK, yg besar utk flight MAS and 2nd terminal utk Airasia (persaingan ke?kalau sekalikan lg senang..ape lah mas ni sharing2 la mcm airport kt tempat lain,kalau takut bisnes terjejas then come up with new cheaper tickets plan, bcoz the biggest customers come from economy class, am I right?)

1st day, we checked in at promenade apartment…two thumbs up, so satisfied with the room service. That day, we just went to Mrsm KK n visited my dad’s friend. I grabbed this chance to hear his wife’s story whom suffered from colorectal cancer juz few months ago. After colonoscopy, she was suggested by doctor to remove the colon (not sure all part or only some portion would be removed) but she didn’t decide yet. That was surprising bcoz colon cancer commonly ‘attack’ person by 50 years and above. For this remaining time, she totally depends on acetaminophen (NSAID) n maybe some anticancer agent because she didn’t show me any. Yes, it’s true that NSAID is effective against colon cancer (based on what I read and learned), mainly by inhibiting COX-2, but until now scientist still can’t explain the clear mechanism. But the thing that saddened me the most was everytime she got the pain, she cried all out and swallowed the painkiller as frequent as she could to relieve the pain. She also showed the symptoms of weight loss, fatigue and bloody stool (maybe due to blood loss and leads to iron deficiency anemia).
                                           syafakillah auntie

As expected, she had gastritis and of course it’s worsened by NSAID. I was quite unpleasant with her doctor that didn’t prescribed antacid to her. May Allah gives her strength to persevere all pains and becomes stronger. The next day was packed, focusing on the trip to mount kinabalu (pergi kaki gunung je pun..haha)..

Passing Likas, Tamparuli, Kundasang and Ranau.. and the most exciting ones was Poring hotspring. I didn’t missed the chance to bought souvenirs for my usrah members on the way back. Cuaca dh agak gelap and nk hujan masa kami singgah ke kaki gunung kinabalu, ooh chill lah, sejuknya menusuk ke tulang belulang dan kabus dh start melitupi puncak gunung. Actually blh je naik lagi ke atas dgn van persiaran sbb kami travel dgn bas and bas blh stop sampai situ je,tp masa x mengizinkan. So, we just took pictures quickly…kempunan den nk tgk bunga rafflesia.

bestnya adik mandi..jeles2

posing dulu kt jmbtan gantung poring hotspring

kabus di waktu petang

                                               with mara college banting coop trip members

The last day…we went to Philippines market (xtahu lah kenapa panggil pasar Filipina..pdhal local people je yg menjual, mix Philippines pun bukan..hmm..)on the morning (our flight schedule was at 2 p.m.). hehe, my sis and I bought the most wanted thing there..THE PEARL…bukan novel The Pearl masa form 5 tu, tapi mutiara air masin,but we juz bought the average price, not too cheap and not so expensive…mutiara air masin ni ori jugak,tapi xtau la ape beza dgn mutiara yg mahal n eksklusif tu..layan je lah. Then, borong kuih cincin dan kuih ‘I’ve forgotten the name’ ..hahaha…
Time to back…
Overall, I enjoyed KK very much better than kuching..depends jugak pd sesetgh org, mcm my roommate preferred Kuching than KK. From the trip, I can conclude 10 reasons to make a way to kk:

10 reasons to make a way to KK:

-Mount Kinabalu (sejukkk tapi once sampai, konfem xnk blk)

-Poring hotspring (benefits mandi kt sini lebih pd lelaki,sbb semua kolam memang open and penuh dgn mat saleh plus perasan mat saleh yg berbikini…budak lelaki mmg xleh blah mencuci mata..cess, tapi kita blh posing puas2 sbb byk tmpat cantik2 dlm ni,gua kelawar pun ada, jgn bawa balik nk bela kelawar sudah)

-mi bakso n cendol (ni makan kt sebelah Philippines market, tmpatnya mcm open market dan harga pun murah..yg uniknya mi bakso tu kaler putih n besar,cendol pun besar n kurang manis drpd kt kafe talhah (byk komplen pulak)..emm meleleh air liur)

-traditional foods-kuih cincin,byk lg kuih lain yg pelik2 (memang kadang2 ade kt semenanjung, tapi kat sini byk pengusaha kuih cincin n kita blh pilih yg mana lg sedap)

-mutiara air masin (berlambak kt Philippines market)

-fresh fruits-strawberry n tomatoes (on the way to gunung kinabalu)

-pulau manukan n ladang teh sabah (dua2 tempat x sempat pergi, tapi kt pulau manukan ni x rugi pergi sbb pantai2 kt sana cantik)

-pemandangan yg gile cantik (sgt2 indah..especially kt kaki gunung kinabalu dan laut yg bersih…aku yg asal2 excited nk bershopping sakan souvenirs terus terbantut bila tgk pemandangan kt sini)

-Pasar Filipina (among most visited places to shop souvenirs)

-Suria Sabah (newest shopping complex I’ve seen there) and penuhkn cop kt passport..haha, habis idea dh,any other suggestions?)