Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How is life supposed to be…

Yesterday, I fell….

How weird that I get up without pissed off

Maybe I’ve been upside too long

Back then, I used to take my ‘fells’ as really annoying ones

Instead, I get up with a question

That even any language can’t describe an exact answer

Since the first time I fell down

Until just now, an unknown times of felling down

How did I live my life?

*what? Am I being matured?

11 years ago, I was 10 years old

6 years ago, 15 years old

And almost 7 more years have to passed since..

But still I….can feel the childish side in me

The sense of responsibility

To god, to my parents, and those applied to me..

Have I give it all out?

How am I going to handle the future?

Just get easy…yeah, just get this life easy

But action seems harder than said

Come on…..the real world never follows the fairytale

Where everyone ends up happily ever after

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense…

How’s life supposed to be?

Messed up now…and regret later

Or love now…and suffered later

Success now…and fail later

Or should we say


Shouldn’t I?

The air that we rely on to survive…every breath we expelled out…

How ungrateful a human is

How arrogant a human really is

For those who lost…have they noticed the Last Day?

For those who have faith…have they prepared for the Last Day?

When that Last Day comes…

Regardless of fame…wealth…age…gender...appearance…race…and lots more

We’ll appear before God with equality

And judged with most justice laws ever

The last destination is well acknowledged

To the hell…or… to heaven?

Even we are able to speak all languages…

We still can’t tell the answer

If we wanna make changes

If we want to turn back

Then, once again…

It’s up to us

How it’s supposed to be…

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