Sunday, 9 October 2011

Clinical tagging attachment

        The list finally came out!

      Hehehe...sorry,all the matric numbers are confidentials,sume dh dihitamkn. We are all tagged with final year in a group. Alhamdulillah dpt HTAA for 1st clinical attachmnt khamis dpn,4 days to go...then stay in campus, next 2 weeks baru ke hosp. kemaman dan last skali hosp. temerloh. My group got GI & hepatobiliary system! Baru beberapa hari lpas blaja dgn Mdm Azrin...pergh,boleh tahan batch kami kne brainwash dgn mdm gara-gara kitorang lupa psl coagulating factors,bilirubin,warfarin and all those things related bla3....

"You all ni nama je blaja tapi tak pandai nk relate theoretical and situations,consequences.Macam ni ke nk jadi pharmacist?Time attachment nanti kalau tak dapat jawab I ketuk kepala you all"

Mak aii..kecut perut dengar warning mdm.Okeh,alarm memang wat bunyi emergency dh ni,kna well-prepared nmpk gayanya,tapi ape nk study nih???

Provided with the format above,okay dh nmpk jalan sket.So the things for us to pay attention:-
-BHT (bed head ticket)
-communicate with patient from the case assigned
-report form
-ingat med. abbreviations
-check presence of DRP
-bring all those drug info,mims,BNF,any related notes & guidelines
-jgn lupa kalkulator!

I really hope we'll get patient with non-complicated med. condition dan masuk hospital tak lama,or otherwise memang 'bling-bling'lah mata mengadap BHT berjela-jela,blum masuk part salin and interpret tulisan doktor yg 'sangat cantik' lagi.BHT ni records all info. we need to obtain..trmasuklah patient demographics,chief complaint (what doctor wrote acccording to patient's claim on the 1st time admitted),BP,HR,blood glucose,past medical histories,current med condition, past and current medications taken,not forgotten the most impotant ones,the test (liver function test,kidney function test,blood coagulation profile,fecal examination etc.)

Diseases that might involved in GI & hepatobiliary cases:
GERD,peptic ulcer (gastric ulcer,duodenal ulcer),IBD,pancreatitis,hepatitis,liver cirrhosis....

Besides,physical examination pun blh applied as one of basic methods to narrow the diagnosis,actually tak payah students & doctors je buat.Cuma kita blh tanya patient dia rasa sakit kat bahagian mana,so that we can confirm patient's claim dgn diagnosis yg doktor dh tulis.

topographic anatomy of abdomen

Next,bila tengok symptoms,we should beware of the common symptoms like abdominal pain,heartburn and look at differences of a disease to another..maybe penyakit sama tapi penyebab berbeza,so different types of treatment must be matched correctly.Contoh, patient ade peptic ulcer and we thought NSAID as the cause,tapi sbnarnye patient tu dpt peptic ulcer caused by H.pylori..and that patient supposed to be treated with antibiotic tapi kita bagi ubat lain.Padan la tak sembuh-sembuh.

Paling risau part nk evaluate LFT dgn coagulation profile.Seriously still tak mahir nk relate sume values dgn presenting illness..reflection of abnormal values of bilirubin,albumin,total protein,ALP,PT bla3....ape nk explain time present case nanti.I should work harder to understand those things (T_T)

Ya Allah..permudahkanlah first attachment kami.Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir.

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